rod (plural rods)

  1. A straight round stick, shaft or bar.
    The circus strong man proved his strength by bending an iron rod, and then straightening it again.
  2. (fishing) A long slender pole used for angling.
    When I realized that I had hooked a snake and not a fish, I got so scared I dropped my rod in the water.
  3. A stick or bundle of sticks for beating someone as a punishment, often the rod.
    The judge imposed a sentence of fifteen strokes with the rod for the thief.
  4. A stick used to measure length; a measuring rod.
    I fashioned a rod to measure the length of rope to cut by filing a notch at the proper yardage.
  5. (archaic) A unit of length. Equal to a pole, a perch, ¼ chain or 5½ yards.
    • 1865: Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod [1]
      In one of the villages I saw the next summer a cow tethered by a rope six rods long...
  6. (archaic) A unit of area equal to a square rod, 30¼ square yards or 1/160 acre.
    The house had a small yard of about six rods in size.
  7. A straight bar that connects moving parts of a machine; a connecting rod.
    The engine threw a rod, and then went to pieces before our eyes, springs and coils shooting in all directions.
  8. (anatomy) Rod-shaped cells in the eye that are sensitive to light.
    The rod cells are more sensitive than the cones, but do not discern color.
  9. (biology) Any of a number of long, slender microorganisms.
    He applied a gram positive stain, looking for rods indicative of Listeria.
  10. (slang) A pistol; a gun.
  11. (slang) A penis.
  12. Short for hot rod, a car modified to run faster, especially one based on a pre-1940s model.

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